2508.91 1.26%

  • Sensitive

    253.28 -0.10%

  • Float

    86.03 0.70%

  • Sen. Float

    81.98 -0.70%

  • Banking

    1042.98 -0.15%

  • Hotels

    1777.23 -0.71%

  • Development Bank

    1579.46 0.32%

  • HydroPower

    945.83 0.03%

  • Finance

    566.04 -0.05%

  • Non Life Insurance

    4537.89 0.86%

  • Manu. & Pro.

    2130.57 -0.22%

  • Others

    650.28 0.35%

  • Microfinance

    1623.01 0.61%

  • Life Insurance

    5552.68 0.85%


About Sumeru Securities

Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd., licensed stock broker 39, member of Nepal Stock Exchange, is a share broker firm licenses by SEBON. We are growing company with an outstanding performance in the capital market, founded on..

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Message From Chairman


We extend our earnest greetings to you all on behalf of the Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd. We feel most delighted at the moment to reach out to a broader populace via the Sumeru’s own and well updated website. Although we have always been committed to keep our esteemed customers in..

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Why Invest in Stock Market

1. Investment Gain

One of the primary benefits of investing in the stock market is the chance to grow your money. Over the time, the stock market tends to rise in value, though the prices of individual stocks rise and fall daily. Investmen..

2. Dividend Income

Some stocks provide income in the form of a dividend. While not all stocks offer dividends, those that do deliver annual payments to investors. These payments arrive even if the stock has lost value and represent income..

3. Diversification

For investors who put money into different types of investment products, a stock market investment has the benefit of providing diversification. Stock market investments change value independently of other types of inves..

4. Ownership

Buying shares of stock means taking on an ownership stake in the company you purchase stock in. This means that investing in the stock market also brings benefits that are part of being one of a business's owners. Shareh..

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Why Choose Sumeru Securities

    Top Customer Service

    Sumeru Securities doesn’t just stop at great customer service. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and offer them the suppor..

    Always Reliable

    We are available throughout the day to help you when in need. We believe that by providing reliable customer service, based on responsible trading pra..


    A Great Team

    We are not just any stock broker company. It is a team with capable, rich in knowledge and well experienced very friendly outstanding members. We know..

    Post-Trade Transparency

    We live to play by the rules and follow them accordingly. We do not cover anything on any side of trade and transactions. We take utmost caution make..

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